A Case of the Copycat Kid


I turned the corner and there it was, crouched on all fours, scrounging for food. I hadn't been gone long; the dryer alarm sounded, I went to gather the laundry, and when I came back - there it was. It's face crammed into a bowl of dried cat food all the while clapping the bowl of cold water. I'm sure when I left to gather the laundry, I had only two cats; when I returned... a third! This cat, not an ordinary one, more of a chameleon, was now standing on its hind legs begging to be picked up.

Madeline is her name; and the only cat she is... a copycat! She's entered the stage of a walking billboard, broadcasting our every move. You don't realize how many bad habits you have until someone starts copying them! If only children would copy our ability to cook or clean, instead of our ability to curse. They always seem to pick the ones we want them to learn the least!

Her newest game of copycat is spilling snacks and drinks on the floor so she can lick them up like a cat! It was funny the first ten times, but after cleaning up yogurt, cheese, crackers and/or some sort of mushed goo, off every surface in your home, it gets old pretty quick lol! With every snack I give her I know I will find a fragment of it somewhere! glued down to something! Although I can't complain too much, of all the things to copy this one isn't that bad. Not nearly as bad as the bank incident circa 1995... Where my mother placed my then 2 year old brother on the counter at the teller's booth, when he leaned to one side and caught a fart with his hand before letting it go in mom's face, adjacent from the bank teller - who I'm sure to this day remembers the incident! Safe to say that was learned from dad, and mom was not happy lol! Thankfully Maddie hasn't pulled out any of our embarrassing habits.... yet!

Although, our lives have become the reenactment of everything, starring Maddie! Today I watched as she gathered her belongings to head out; baby in carrier, teal handbag over her shoulder, and she even turned to give me a wave before she walked off to her presumably "I love milk meeting", because lets get real, she's addicted! She is fascinated with sitting in things, eating foreign items, and climbing to high places... basically Oliver and Oscar, our cats. Aside from mimicking every habit of the cats, she's been watching my every move, every minute of everyday. She's at the age now where all those memories are spilling out in random fashion; showing me which habits I suck the most at hiding! So far, thankfully she has mostly shown me I like to kiss everything to death - as that has become her full time job! MM-Ah, you'll hear at least a hundred times a day, up close and in the distance "MM-ah", kissing anything and everything - either that or blowing her nose on it. She started making this hideously adorable face about six months ago; it's so creepy it's cute. She was pulling out this face at all the right moments and it would make us die in laughter. It wasn't until recently I realized she was mocking my expression! Apparently I have a creepy cute face that no one has told me about! With this face comes a snort, however I can't take all the credit for this one! She has to copy something from her dad!

Watching her learn new things everyday has got to be my favorite part of parenting, you know, aside from the enormous amount of love she brings to my life. Her potential to learn right now, is incredible and it's a big responsibility knowing how much we influence our kids through our everyday actions! So with that being said, be kind to everyone, use your manners, show compassion and love, show your children what an honest and kind person looks like, and for the love of god show them how to put the toilet seat down and their shoes in the closet!!!!!